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Fishing Creek, located in the Northern part of Central Pennsylvania, is one of the most well-known trout streams Pennsylvania has to offer. Running through Clinton County, it is a cold, limestone stream filled with deep pools, heavy riffles and some fast runs of water. This fishery is primarily maintained by the reproduction of wild brown trout that dominate throughout, and some wild brook trout that also reside here. Supported by cold, limestone springs and tributaries, Fishing Creek offers great hatches and consistent fishing throughout the summer into the fall.

The stream above Tylersville, from Eastville to the headwaters, becomes intermittent during the summer, drying up in spots on the surface while flowing underground. Here you will find very shallow water, and the fish will be small browns and brookies. There is some posted land in this area and it is recommended that you obey the landowners' wishes. From the abundant springs below the headwaters, Fishing Creek rejuvenates and becomes a spectacular, wild trout stream as you enter the well-known "Narrows." This is the most popular stretch of the stream and is easily accessible off SR 2002. The Narrows is a heavily tree-lined section, and here the stream runs through a narrow valley, moving swiftly in spots, with steep slopes rising from the banks. There are Trophy Trout Projects regulations for a 0.9 mile stretch from the private lane bridge at Tylersville Fish Culture Station downstream to State Game Lands #295 boundry (located 300 yds downstream of the upstream SR 2002 bridge) and 2.1 miles; from a point 1.3 miles upstream of the lower SR 2002 bridge, downstream to Flemings Bridge (SR 2004) at Lamar Fish Hatchery. There is also a Catch and Release area for 2.0 miles; from State Game Lands #295 boundry (located 300 yds downstream of the upstream SR 2002 bridge) downstream to a point 1.3 miles upstream of the lower SR 2002 bridge

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You'll find a decent hatch of Green Drakes in this area beginning just after the hatch ends on Penns Creek. You will also see good hatches of Hendricksons, Sulphurs, Olives, Blue Quills, Isonychia, and Tricos along with other Mayflies and Caddis throughout this heavily-wooded stretch.
Fishing Creek Hatch Chart
Downstream from Lamar to Mill Hall, Fishing Creek runs through farms and does not receive the fishing pressure that the Narrows brings. In a few spots just above Mackeyville, the stream flows underground again during the summer. Springs around Mackyville increase the flow. There is some posted property along the way, so be sure to obey the landowners' wishes. You will still find a good population of wild browns throughout. Near Mill Hall, the stream is stocked by the State and farther down by its mouth at Bald Eagle Creek, the stream becomes less productive.

If you're going to Fishing Creek and plan to fish the Narrows, you'll need to heavily depend on your casting ability. Short casts may look like the way to go, but these fish are very spooky and a long cast will work better. It's a good idea to practice those line-mending techniques, because you'll need them here. Although hatches are plentiful, you might want to try nymphing with Stonefly Nymphs and Hares Ears. Keep in mind that you're fishing in a heavily-populated tree area and during the summer you'll see many Terrestrials "coming out of the woodwork," so keep your fly boxes filled with them.

So, should you visit the Northern part of Central Pennsylvania, be sure to stop at Fishing Creek and experience one of the best streams in Pennsylvania.